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Another Megaproject Revealed For Staten Island's North Shore

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Staten Island's North Shore is having a moment. First came plans for the 625-foot-tall New York Wheel. Then SHoP Architects revealed a multi-tiered outlet mall, and ground broke on 900 apartments in Stapleton. Then the neighborhood took over the 2013 Curbed Cup and helped St. George capture the coveted title. And now the Staten Island Advance brings news of yet another mixed-use megaproject. Called Lighthouse Point, the project is located on a three-acree abandoned pier that used to hold a lighthouse and Coast Guard base, and it will combine new construction and historic preservation to create new retail and dining, plus a 96-unit rental tower and a 180-room hotel. Triangle Equities is the developer. Its fellow megaprojects are close by, and while Lighthouse Point did not require a full public review, the city considered it with the wheel and outlets for the environmental impact study.

Save for a green light from the Federal Transportation Administration, which apparently is interested in the land, all approvals for Lighthouse Point are in place, and construction will likely start this summer. The first phase, which will take about 18 months, includes a three-story retail base near Bay Street that will eventually see the 96-unit apartment tower rise on top of it. Depending on how things progress, the housing could also be part of phase one.

The hotel will also be new construction, but a historic building will be incorporated as the entrance way, creating not only the lobby but also a marketplace with small restaurants and shops. Other historic structures, which the Advance describes as "vaults built into the hillside," will be turned into dining areas. A public esplanade runs along the site, and there will be landscaping near the main streets. All parking will be underground, allowing for a third of the site to be open space.

Click through for more photos and a rendering.
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