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$55 Million Murray Hill Development Site; Pet Amenities

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MURRAY HILL—Massey Knakal is marketing an eight-story parking garage at 11 Park Avenue, between East 34th and East 35th street, for $55 million. The site allows for 63,195 square feet of commercial space and 42,130 square feet. It could include even more residential space if it took advantage of an Inclusionary Housing Bonus, and it seems not unlikely that we could see a big residential development at this site in the future. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN WEST—The Spot Experience is opening a 9,000-square-foot "dog amenity and well facility" in between Silverstein Properties' Silver Towers and River Place complexes on West 42nd Street. In addition to the regular dog-walking and grooming and things of that nature, the facility will include "underwater treadmills, physical therapy and veterinary care" as well as "in-home services for cat owners." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]