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Cornerspotted: Fulton Street Beside St. Paul's Churchyard

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There was a lot of action on this week's Cornerspotter, with several commenters guessing in the general area of the street shown in the historic photo, but it was Cornerspotter connoisseur Ferryboi who got it right. The photo, taken in 1912, looks west down Fulton Street. The key was St. Paul's Churchyard, which sits on the north side of the street and remains exactly the same today. Ferryboi, as he is wont to do, dug up some additional history on the streetscape, in particular the Gothic parish house/Trinity Corporation headquarters that once sat where the World Trade Center is:

Not sure when the parish house was demolished, but imagine it gave way when Greenwich Street was widened, possibly as the original WTC was being built in the 1960s. The entire south side of Fulton St disappeared when AT&T built its corporate HQ there after WWI. Also notice the gorgeous Singer Bldg (tallest bldg in picture) that was demolished in 1968. It was the tallest in the world when it opened, and was the tallest structure ever to be demolished prior to the WTC destruction on 9/11.· Hint: Most Things Changed, But Part Of This Street Is The Same [Curbed]
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