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Sigh, Another Gene Kaufman Hotel Is Coming to Midtown

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Yet another bland hotel, courtesy of architect Gene Kaufman and developer Optima Real Estate LLC, is coming to the vicinity of the Port Authority. While that particular area is already one of Manhattan's least attractive, Kaufman isn't exactly helping matters with this 21-story structure and his other, somehow even more boring hotel going up around the corner. The newer one, at 333 West 38th Street, will be smaller, weighing in at 79 rooms.

Currently, the site is contaminated by some sort of pollutant(s) according to a cleanup plan from the Office of Environmental Remediation (PDF). It will need to be covered completely with a 3.5-foot-thick slab of concrete and a "vapor barrier," so that it may then be contaminated by the hotel, which is expected to be completed in 2015.

Kaufman also has hotels in the works on West 58th Street, Water Street, Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn, West 28th Street, West 46th Street, and elsewhere. If you turn around right now, Gene Kaufman is probably designing a hotel behind you as we speak.
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