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The Fight To Save Jerry's Astor Place Newsstand Intensifies

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Jerry Delakas and a merry resilient band of supporters are continuing to pursue their ongoing fight to reclaim the newsstand he ran for more than 25 years. He showed up to work in December only to find his Astor Place shack padlocked by the city, which alleges that he was operating his business without a legal license. The Times has details of the legal dispute, which boil down to the fact that the city wants Delakas out and his lawyer is filing an appeal. Tomorrow, a judge "will hear arguments on whether the stand should be reopened while the appeal is pending." The East Village institution has attracted passionate supporters who have plastered signs on the shuttered stall; there have been rallies in Jerry's defense as well as a Facebook page in his name. This past weekend, Delakas waited in line at Gracie Mansion for three hours to meet Bill de Blasio and gift him a cardboard model of the newsstand.

The report of the encounter goes as follows: "Jerry met new mayor Bill De Blasio who said of Jerry's Newsstand to Jerry 'Great place!' Paraphrasing the rest: after being told of lock out, De Blasio said he 'is aware, there is a great injustice, and then instructed his aid[e]s to 'get on it immediately.' (Sorry for paraphrasing we were very tired). Jerry then spoke to aid[e] who took from him the specifics of the case." Stayed tuned for more in the saga once the court hands down a decision tomorrow, and to see if de Blasio really does get involved.
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