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Back in the day, before One57 became the most ridiculous building in all of New York, Extell said it would deter buyers from flipping units, but with the first resale already on the market, the developer clearly threw its own rules out the window. Extell's policy is to not let owners sell their apartments until one year after a purchase, but the Journal points out they likely made exceptions for the harder-to-sell, middle-of-the-building units that have partially blocked views. In other news, 70 percent of the superscraper's 94 condos are in contract, and evidently 38 rental units will eventually come to market. Wait, what?! This building has rentals? Note: The Journal says there will be 65 rentals, but reps from Extell informed Curbed that the Journal picked up information from an outdated offering plan and there will be only 38 rentals. [WSJ; previously]


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