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Metro North in Penn Station; Sculpture Contest for LES Park

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PENN STATION—Governor Cuomo announced today that there is a plan in placed to allow Metro North access to Penn Station and bring four new transit stations to the Bronx. Some were unimpressed. "Cuomo just called for Penn Station Access in his State of the State speech. Still taking credit for ideas that have long been planned," tweeted Second Ave. Sagas, who added, "Don't get me wrong: Glad he's talking about it, but Penn Station Access has been on the table for years, long before he became Governor."

LOWER EAST SIDE—The Clare Weiss Emerging Artist Award, which allows a stipend of $10,000 for an up and coming artist to create a public sculpture, is coming to Sara D. Roosevelt Park this year. The contest is currently accepting proposals, with installation slated for July 2014. [Bowery Boogie]