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Non-Hideous Williamsburg Rental Building Will Look Like This

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This 12,000-square-foot rental building on Grand and Maujer streets may be the least unattractive project in the city with Gene Kaufman's name attached to it, and the reason for that is that Kaufman didn't actually design it—he's just the architect of record. The building itself was conceived by the Meshberg Group, who have now earned themselves the highly prestigious distinction of being Not As Bad As Gene Kaufman—heck, in the holiday postcard they sent out, the design looks downright elegant.

The project, being developed on two adjoining sites by Jeff Kurtz of Kamson and Dean Marchi of Grand Street, is not, as previously thought, going to be two separate buildings. It will instead by one big building with 69 rental units totaling 63,000 square feet and another 2,000 square feet for retail. It is scheduled to be completed this year.
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