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"Not totally germane, but as someone who grew up in Brownstone Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights), and later moved to the border area between the Upper East Side and East Midtown, it struck me how well defined the boundaries of the smaller neighborhoods in Brooklyn were compared to Manhattan. The Upper East Side itself has well defined boundaries (East 59th Street, Central Park, East 96th Street, and the river). But this area is an amorphous entity of over 200,000 people that changes character quite a bit as you move from the park to the river, and to some extent uptown-downtown. Its really a bunch of smaller neighborhoods, but good luck even identifying these smaller neighborhoods, let alone the boundaries. The equivalent in this part Brooklyn is really Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, and Carroll Gardens (and maybe DUMBO, Prospect Heights, and Fort Greene)—which combined have about the same population as the UES, but these are thought of as separate neighborhoods, and the boundaries between these neighborhoods are well defined."—William Kieft [Dissecting A 110-Year-Old Debate Over Park Slope's Borders]