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Whale Watching

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No, that that kind of whale. The city bid a sad farewell to Sludgie the Whale in 2007, when he died after wandering into the Superfun(d) toxic pile o' sludge (get it?) that is the Gowanus Canal. Seven years later, the creature's skull will be on display during the area's first TEDx conference, scheduled for January 26. Turns out it's time to set the record straight: Sludgie fled to that unpolluted ocean into the sky not because the canal got 'em, but because he was already sick upon arrival. His sizable cranium will be part of an art installation that organizers hope "will evoke the life and death cycle that has permeated the Gowanus Canal since it was built in the 1860s." [NYDN; photo via Gothamist; previously]