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Big Reveal: $2 Million for a 1BR/2BA Seaport Duplex

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Only one commenter hit the nail on the head with a guess of an even $2 million for this somewhat odd 1BR duplex in the Seaport. Most guesses were in the ballpark, though, with a pretty even split between too-high and too-low. Commenter portnoys complaint also came extremely close, writing, "Two real bathrooms, very pretty finishes, multiple exposures in the bedroom, a deck with okay city views. A 'home office' that's being used as a closet, which is the only thing it's good for. A proposed floor plan that would make the entire place unlivable. $1.995M for what is essentially a cool bachelor pad or starter's love nest for a pair mutual fund worker bees." Credit also goes to the commenter who, in admonishing the lowest guess of the thread, inadvertently implied the correct answer in a sort of mathematically roundabout way: "'An even mil'??? Have you ever apartment hunted in NYC? A million will get you a place HALF this size."
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