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51 Astor Place Gets Special Website From New Tenant IBM

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It looks like developer Edward Minskoff's promise that the EVill Deathstar would be fully leased by the end of the the month might actually come true. Forbes, via EVGrieve, reports that IBM will open offices in 51 Astor Place, where the company plans to build the new $1 billion Watson computer. The offices will be for the newly formed IBM Watson Group (creative name!), and the tech company's excitement for 51 Astor is plastered all over this special website they made about the move to "Silicon Alley." It's unclear how much space IBM will have in the Deathstar—online auctioneer 1stdibs reportedly took a full floor—but the website makes it seem like they'll have the entire building. An "incubator," "design lab," and "solution center" will all be built-out in the space.

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51 Astor Place

51 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003