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Insane Fifth Avenue Mansion Is Now a $150,000/Month Rental

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Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich very nearly bought the unfathomably lavish 22-room triplex co-op in 828 Fifth Avenue (along with the other four apartments in the building) for $75 million before the triplex's owner, heiress Angelika Ivanc, got cold feet and pulled out of the deal. At the time, sources told the Post that she thought she could get more money for the place, never mind the fact that the deal with Abramovich would have shattered New York City's co-op record by about $20 million. And who knows, maybe she can (she probably can't, but the fact that it's even a possibility speaks to how insane this apartment is) but in the meantime she has decided to rent her Versailles-esque apartment for $150,000/month while she, according to the Daily News "spends a couple of years with her kids in Europe." Sure, why not?

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828 Fifth Avenue

828 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY