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Peek Inside Ismael Leyva's Futuristic, Skinny Tribeca Tower

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19 Park Place, which was, at one point, calling itself the Tribeca Royale but is now apparently back to being 19 Park Place, has launched its website and with it a slew of new renderings. While the original pair of renderings, displaying the 21-story, Ismael Leyva-designed tower's leanness and rounded balconies, inspired both awe in some and derision in others, the new ones give a sense of how that shape will manifest itself on the building's interiors. It's most noticeable in the lobby (featuring a living green wall, 19-foot waterfall, and custom art by sculptor Amanda Weil) and amenity spaces (private full-floor lounge with an outdoor landscaped garden, and more), while the units themselves look relatively normal (but very nice).

Listings for four units in the building, ranging in price from $1.12 million to $2.825 million, went live last month, however, they were quickly pulled so that the pricing could be adjusted. New listings are expected to appear imminently, and the prices will be like those prices, but higher. There will be 24 units in total, and no more than two on any one floor. Last we heard, developer ABN Realty was aiming for a November, 2014 completion date.

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19 Park Place

19 Park Place, New York, NY