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Imagine LIC's Skyline With This Whimsical Silvercup Addition

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As it turns out, the expansion of Long Island City's Silvercup Studios to include Silvercup West, a mixed-use extension of the famed production studio, hasn't been a dormant project after all; in fact, LEESER Architecture has been busy creating a plan as an alternate to the originally-proposed Richard Rogers design. LEESER's proposal was created in 2013 for a "potential investor," and one-up's Rogers's design by working within the site's existing zoning restrictions. Rogers's design recently resurfaced when Silvercup filed a special permit renewal extension for the design that includes a 2.2 million-square-foot complex with eight sound studios, an office tower, 1,000 apartments, a 1,400-space parking garage, and cultural and retail space.

According to Brownstoner, Queens Community Board 2 will review the original project's application for development tomorrow.
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