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New Details Revealed for Sheepshead Bay Luxury Tower

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Sheepshead Bites has the scoop on a meeting that the developer of the 30-story residential tower planned for 1501 Voorhies Avenue had with reps for local politicians and Community Board members. What we knew about the tower previously was that it was being co-developed by Muss Development and AvalonBay and that, at 333 feet, it would be about four times as tall as basically anything in its immediate vicinity. New pertinent details include the breakdown of condos to rentals — the bottom two thirds of the tower will be rentals (managed by AvalonBay) and the upper third will be condos (sold by Muss). There will also "absolutely not" be affordable housing, as whoever was running the meeting put it.

The tower is meant to be Sheepshead Bay's version of Brighton Beach's Oceana Condominiums, also developed by Muss, which means that it will have a gated entrance. Prices for one-bedrooms will start at $700,000 and amenities may include a pool, gym, health spa, dog run, and outdoor spaces. The developers hope to break ground in spring of 2015, and in the meantime, we await the same kind of community backlash that arose when a different developer proposed a (much smaller) 22-story building for the site.
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