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Spying On the First Floor Units of New Hell's Kitchen Condo

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Looks like the ground floor units of the newest Hell's Kitchen condo building will be sitting on the market for awhile, unless buyers want to live in a fishbowl, with all of West 52nd Street peering into their home. A tipster sent along some photos of the under-construction ground floor units, pointing out that "one can just walk right up to these huge windows and poke their head right in." The project is a conversion of an old hospital building, and the first units hit the market this week, with prices starting at $610,000 for a studio. The priciest unit right now is a garden duplex asking $2.395 million. Our tipster writes: "For the price of these units and the lack of space and interior amenities (look at those tiny refrigerators!!) you actually get, I'd AT LEAST expect some sort of privacy....nope. These should have been rentals..."

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