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Renderings Revealed for Next Market-Rate Pacific Park Tower

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The next two towers in the Pacific Park (née Atlantic Yards) megaproject are being designed by the architects at COOKFOX, and the first to go up will be the 100 percent affordable 535 Carlton Avenue. (The developers need to build 2,250 units of affordable housing by 2025 or risk a $5 million fine.) The second and slightly larger of the two is the market-rate 550 Vanderbilt Avenue and that building just revealed some new renderings, showing off its COOKFOX-y design. The 17-story tower will contain 275 units, ranging in size from studios to three-bedrooms, contained behind a facade of masonry and precast concrete, representing, in the words of NY YIMBY, "a gradual aesthetic transition towards the more modernist SHoP towers of the western end of the site and in downtown Brooklyn proper." Construction is expected to start by the end of this year, but we'll see about that — so far, developer Forest City Ratner hasn't exactly been great about meeting its own deadlines, but with new partner Greenland Holding Group on board, things are supposed to be speeding up.

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