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What if the Statue of Liberty Was a Condo Conversion?

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Here's a fun little satirical design challenge: what would the Statue of Liberty look like if it was converted into luxury condos? Well, with the help of realtor Dave Townes, AnimalNY decided to investigate. And, like most luxury developments in New York City, the findings are both expensive and impractical.

Lady Liberty would have to go through a full gut-renovation to convert her into habitable condos, which AnimalNY (conservatively) estimates costing $300 million. Factoring in transportation costs, maintenance, amenities, and comparable listings, the penthouse in her crown ("with the torch for a terrace") would ask $80-120 million, and micro, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units would fall between $3.7 and $14.8 million. Of course, there would also be affordable housing (gotta get that sweet, sweet tax break), complete with poor door. Plus, as Escape from New York has taught us, Liberty Island will be the safest place to be once Manhattan is surrounded by a 50' containment wall and turned into a giant, open-air prison ruled by Isaac Hayes. Get on it, Extell!

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