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Girls' Zosia Mamet Flipping Bushwick Property

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Zosia Mamet is getting the hell out of Bushwick. The actress best known for her role as Shoshana on Girls (and let's not forget her insufferable Kickstarter) bought the distinctive pink building at 896 Flushing Avenue almost a year ago for $1.039 million. Now, thanks to the psychotic feeding frenzy that is the Bushwick housing market, she's flipping the building and asking over $500,000 more than she paid for the place back in November 2013.

The listing for the 22', mixed-use building boasts of 896 Flushing's "flexible possibilities" as a single-family residence, an investment rental property, or a new development with "buildable potential to 5,192 sqft and 6 apartments." It's also located just across the street from the long-awaited Rheingold Brewery development. Investment opportunity indeed.

For Mamet's part, she is, presumably, just trying to get away from these weirdos.

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