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Clinton Hill House Has Improved Quite a Bit Since Last Listing

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This two-family townhouse at 102 Gates Avenue was purchased last year for $1.555 million, renovated, and relisted yesterday for $3.35 million, as these types of houses often are. But luckily for us, the 2013 listing is still online, displaying what rough shape the interiors were in before, and making the new renovation seem all the better for it. Gone are the wall-to-wall carpeting, Halloween-ish paint, and general grime — they have been replaced by restored wood plank floors, and refurbished "wedding cake crown moldings, paneled doors, casings, window shutters, doorknobs, and rim locks." The landscaped backyard is pretty great, too.

· Listing: 102 Gates Avenue [Brown Harris Stevens, via Streeteasy]
· Old Listing: 102 Gates Avenue [Corcoran]