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This Incredible Book-Holding Staircase Can Be Yours for $2.4M

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A cute West Village duplex, which has lingered on the market since May, presents a conundrum. On the "Oh, yeah, awesome!" side of things, the two-bedroom, two-bath apartment on West 11th Street houses a modern, glossy white spiral staircase that neatly holds books within its subdivisions. On the other hand, from the "Oh, yeeeeeessssh" school of thought, it is a walk-up asking $2,399,000 (and that's a PriceChop from the original ask of $2.6M). The owner paid a mere $635,000 for the place back in 2011, but it's clear from the old listing photos than an extensive, professional architect-led renovation has taken place since then. A reader aptly notes that two single-floor apartments were combined during the overhaul. Still, that's a mighty flip. So what's a book lover to do?

· Listing: 327 West 11th Street #4R [Elliman via StreetEasy]