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Boerum Hill Passive House Looks Like a Block of Swiss Cheese

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There are certain ways of achieving interesting architectural ends, but throwing a bunch of long rectangular windows onto a building and calling it a day isn't one of them. And so begins the life of the passive house coming to 210 Pacific Street in Boerum Hill. YIMBY spotted the first real renderings for the building just off of Court Street, and brings word that the seven-story structure will house just 10 apartments that average over 2,100-square-feet each. The homes will have direct elevator access and private terraces, and the building will offer private parking, a shared library, and rooftop cabanas. The passive house way of living is admirable, as is buying into a building that looks like the architectural equivalent of swiss cheese.

Nava Companies is developing and SBLM Architects is designing the building.
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