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Tourists' Photo Treasure Trove Captures 1980s New York City

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Dutch tourists Ed Sijmons and his wife Louise visited New York City for two weeks in 1980. They came away with rolls and rolls of 35mm film, and had only found the negatives of one. Until this month, when they rediscovered the rest, digitized the entire treasure trove, and put it on Flickr in four sets for the world to enjoy (h/t Jeremiah's Vanishing New York). Their images capture many things about the city that have changed: the Long Island City waterfont (above), which is strikingly barren; graffiti-covered subway cars; the rundown parachute jump at Coney Island. Some things, however, are constants. Like traffic, construction sites, murals, and, to some extent, the Circle Line. Enjoy the trip down memory lane.

· Ed Sijmons - Photo Sets [Flickr]