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Music Mogul Wants To Sell His Plaza Park Views for $11.5M

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The shiny black piano in the corner of this purple-tinged two-bedroom apartment at the Plaza is one sign of its owner: Sony Music Entertainment CEO Doug Morris. Morris and his wife Monique bought the place when the market was at a fever pitch, back in 2007, for just under $10 million, and have chosen this moment of relative real estate frenzy to list it for sale. They're asking $11,450,000 for Central Park views, hardwood floors, and a foyer with dark woodwork and antique mirrors. Morris monetized online music videos when he founded the site Vevo, co-produced and financed the musical Motown, and propelled many recording artists to fame, so you'd think he can get a premium of $1.5M on his apartment. You'd think.

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