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Rare 1935 New York City Subway Car Seeks Bidders, New Home

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There are only seven of its kind left in the world. One member of this rare species, an original R6 subway car that dates from 1935, is up for sale on eBay, with a suggested bid of $24,000. (The original cars cost about $1,800 a pop.) Its owner, Brooklyn mechanic Sal Pallante, currently stores the gem on a lot in Canarsie. But, as he told the Daily News, he wants to find a buyer so that he can park actual cars on the lot instead.

Since the 1970s, when cars like the R6 were taken out of service and Pallante's relative bought his from the MTA, it's been used as seating for a kosher deli. Despite its original interior seats, fans, and strap handles, the car has garnered no bids yet. Brokelyn notes that it's cheaper than any apartment. Maybe it needs a PriceChop?

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