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Take a Look at Greenpoint's Pretty, Resilient Waterfront Park

First renderings for the waterfront park that will be built along with the massive Greenpoint Landing look rather pleasant. Despite the distinct visual lack of surge barriers, NYDN notes that the park will indeed by ready to take on similar storm swell to that which ravaged the neighborhood two years ago during Hurricane Sandy. Instead, the park will use sloping, split-level terraces and salt-tolerant plantings that will absorb water. James Corner Field Operations, who worked on the High Line, is behind the subtle plan.

The 4-acre park is but one component of the mega-development, which will bring 10 buildings with 5,000 apartments—1,400 of which will be affordable—a pre-K through 8th grade school, and retail to a swatch of undeveloped land between Green and Box streets. Construction at the 22-acre site started in July, with construction on the park beginning in 2015. The project is not expected to be complete for another 8 to 10 years, a time away in which it might be ever-so-slightly more feasible for families to kayak, unencumbered, through the East River.
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