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'Our Suburb' Tribeca Mansion Returns, Wants an Insane $48M

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Curbed's favorite single-family mansion has returned. Deemed "Our Suburb" by the wife of its creator Steven Schnall back in 2005, the sprawling 11,300-square-foot home at 2 North Moore Street measures 65 feet wide and was originally two buildings. But Schnall never actually lived in the place, instead selling it to financier Mark Zittman (according to the Journal; public records only give an LLC) in 2010 for more than $24 million. Now Zittman has dropped the mindboggling home back on the market for a whopping $48 million. The price is double what he paid, yet it doesn't seem like any changes have been made to the building.

The house was described as "our suburb" by Schnall's wife because it's essentially the suburbs in the city. It has a three-car garage, a 47-foot-long indoor swimming pool, and 1,500 square feet of private outdoor space. Over six stories, there are seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, four half bathrooms, and a huge open living/dining/kitchen room. It has an elevator, an art studio, three fireplaces (one outside), radiant heated floors, and a gym.

Schnall first listed the house for $35 million in April 2008. Times are certainly different now, and the market is nearly as crazy as it was then, but can this house sell for $48 million? As evidenced by dozens of other pricey townhouses, they often sit on the market because buyers would rather drop tens of millions of dollars on a condo.
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2 North Moore Street

2 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013