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Former Firehouse in Williamsburg Asks $6.4 Million

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A former firehouse at 411 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg was put on the market this week and is being marketed as a sort of do-whatever-you-want deal, as the building comes "with a large bundle of air rights, commercial, community and residential zoning" but also represents "the much sought after and not too often found creative Williamsburg Loft." Hopefully, whoever buys the place (asking price: $6.375 million) sees it in the latter light and doesn't view the two-story building as a tear down, because it looks very cool. Sure, it could use some sprucing up, but the open spaces, concrete and raw wood floors, skylights, exposed ceiling beams, etc. make it look like the kind of place where an artist would live in a movie. There's also a little bamboo forest in the backyard.

· Listing: 411 Kent Avenue [Corcoran, via Streeteasy]