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Domino Developer Will Also Build Pool, Basketball Courts

Last night at a community meeting at Williamsburg bar The Woods, Jed Walentas, of Domino megaproject developer Two Trees, revealed plans to build a community center, complete with indoor swimming pool and basketball courts. He also promised that the 700 or so affordable units included in the development would be approximately the same size as the 1,600 market rate ones, and that they would be "roughly evenly distributed throughout the buildings." Also, Havemeyer Park, the on-its-way-out temporary park at the Domino site will be replaced by another temporary park, which will also eventually be displaced.

All of those promises and reassuring didn't buy Walentas much good will, however, as Williamsburg residents in attendance grilled him with questions about parking issues, construction noise, overburdened infrastructure, and some of the more out-there concerns that tend to be raised at these types of meetings, such as the fact that the East River smells bad and the lack of "viewing panes" in the construction fence.
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