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Cuomo Makes Unfounded Promise To Improve Airport Transit

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The city's airport system is getting some kind of reboot. Today, Vice President Biden and Governor Cuomo laid out a broad agenda for reshaping the city's two (in some opinions) failing major airports, LaGuardia and JFK, and beefing-up the nearby lesser-known Republic airport in Long Island and Stewart airport in the Hudson Valley, the Observer reports. While particularities, like funding sources, remain a bit mysterious, it's clear that Cuomo plans to create a Long Island Railroad link to LaGuardia, avail better and quicker transportation to JFK, and add tax-free shopping to Republic and Stewart. Biden and Cuomo also announced a design competition for airport overhauls; the competition will begin in 30 days, last 60 days, and the three finalists will receive half a million bucks. The timeline for all said projects is vague, kind of like their power to actually affect change in the embattled transportation hubs.
· Cuomo and Biden Vow Transformative Overhaul of New York Airports [NYO]