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Swanky Boutique Hotel and Members Club Will Come to Harlem

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Harlem, brace: a former Soho House executive wants to bring a similar uber-swanky hotel and members club to the Manhattanville Factory District. To be known rather imaginatively as Uptown House, the imitation on Amsterdam Avenue between 126th and 128th streets will take over the 80,000-square-foot former factory space The Malt House and will have more than 40 rooms, a pool, up to three restaurants, two bars, a rooftop patio, a screening room, a library, and a fitness center, reports NYDN. Former Soho House executive Mark Somen and partner Bob Emmett hope the building will serve as a "community incubator" where different arts and culture activities are brought together. The duo expect that roughly 40-percent of the club's members will be Harlem residents. Unlike its downtown brethren, members of Uptown House will be required to mentor a kid from Harlem or the Bronx, and may also have the opportunity to sponsor local youth sports teams. The project is expected to be complete in 2016.

· Uptown House, part boutique hotel and part private clubhouse for the swank set, is set to open in Harlem's Manhattanville district in 2016 [NYDN]
· Manhattanville Factory District [official]