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More Looks, Details Revealed For Woolworth Building Condos

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The highly anticipated Woolworth Building condos still aren't on the open market, but the full website has launched for the Alchemy Properties development, revealing a few more renderings and details. The website, much like the teaser site, focuses heavily on the building's history, incorporating historic photos alongside renderings of the 34 new homes, which will start at $3.875 million, with the pinnacle, a mind-boggling seven-level penthouse, asking a record $110 million. The website details the interior design for the kitchens and bathrooms, and shows what the terraces on the 29th floor will look like. And it seems like this may be all of the information that the website shares; the marketing team said that the listings will not go live on the site. Anyone interested in an availability list can make an appointment at the sales gallery.

And our favorite photo from the site, which shows workers hand-setting the terrace cotta at the very top of the tower:

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