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Park Lane Hotel Gets Reimagined As Glassy Box o' Condos

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Now that the 43-year-old Helmsley Park Lane Hotel has been unanimously denied landmark status by Midtown Community Board 5, its fate in the wake of its $660 million acquisition by developer Steven Witkoff and Macklowe Properties seems sealed. In no small part owing to Witkoff's plans to totally reconfigure or raze the structure, it seems likely that the Emery Roth & Sons-designed building will imminently be undergoing a huge transformation. YIMBY has spotted some renderings for the site, and while Witkoff denies that they have anything to do with his plans for the premium property, they do give an idea of what's possible.

The renderings by Spivak Architecture show a glassy condo building which, according to YIMBY, represents a gut-renovated Helmsley Park Lane with a vertical addition. A drawback to Witkoff and Macklowe's redevelopment of the site: any future structure will only be able to occupy two-thirds of the square-footage the tower uses today. The renderings work around this issue by depicting higher ceilings, "a must for new luxury developments," says YIMBY. While this is probably not the tower that will take the place of the Park Lane Hotel, it is most likely a hint that Central Park South will soon be home to another insanely-priced residential building. Oh, goody.

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