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Williamsburg's Newest Townhouses Hit the Market From $4M

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Name: Wythe Lane Townhouses
Address: South 4th Street and Wythe Avenue
Developer: KUB Capital
Design: KUB Design and SZ Projects
Size: Six single-family townhouses
Pricing: Around $4 million

Brooklyn developers just really love building new, expensive townhouses, and the newest crop has just hit the market (h/t BuzzBuzzHome). At South 4th Street and Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, KUB Capital is putting up six swanky modern homes where a scrap metal center once stood. One of them, Four Wythe Lane, is on the market for $3,995,000, according to the project's official website, while numbers five and six are already in contract. Inspired by a similar line-up of modern new townhomes in Dumbo, they're all about 3,800 square feet, with entrances through a landscaped path, private gardens in the back, and roof decks.

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