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From Eyesore to $8.25M Townhouse on East 58th Street

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407 East 58th Street was in rough shape and having trouble selling before Gavin Fries of Manhattan Restoration scooped it up last August for $3.3 million. Fries led a gut renovation that took the house from a decrepit three-family to a gleaming single-family townhouse, with five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and two powder rooms. Now, he has returned the house to the market with an asking price of $8.25 million.

Considering that the last Manhattan Restorations project we took note of included a bathtub in the master bedroom, this one seems fairly restrained. It features a good deal of whiteness and light-colored floors and furniture, and quite a bit of natural light from the now-glass rear facade.

And here are some more shots of what the house looks like now:

· Listing: 407 East 58th Street [Leslie Garfield, via Streeteasy]