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Big Reveal: $1.25 Million for a Two-Bed Co-op on Perry Street

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This week's Pricespotter, a two-bedroom co-op the West Village street where Carrie Bradshaw used to live, ended in a four-way tie between NYC.ME ($1.3 million), MMC ($1.2 million), iluvnyc ($1.2 million), and CountessLuAnne ($1.3 million). The apartment, located in 29 Perry Street, is actually asking $1.25 million, so an honorable mention goes to MHeinz, who wrote, "They will list it for $18 Milllion Dollars and settle a year later for $ 1.25M." Congratulations to basically everyone who commented on this one.

· Listing: 29 Perry Street #3F [Brown Harris Stevens, via Streeteasy]
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