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How To Fit 2 Roommates in a 300-Square-Foot Apartment

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There are small apartments, and then there are small apartments. Sure, one couple successfully renovated and lives in bliss in an impossibly cute 242-square-foot West Village studio, but can two roommates pull off the same feat with just slightly more space? New York magazine's Design Hunting latest issue profiles a pair of twentysomething Austin transplants who rent a 300-square-foot apartment in a walk-up on Orchard Street. PR creative director Dustin O'Neal and friend Valerie Nguyen turned an all-white space—with a tiny kitchen and central common area that basically fits a table, and a bedroom on either side of it—into a quirky, livable space. Bold moves: painting the walls and kitchen cabinets deep gray, even when general wisdom says that dark colors make a room feel smaller; and lining Nguyen's bedroom with wallpaper that looks like faux wood. (Spoiler alert: both worked out.) If quarters get too cramped, the duo also has access to a rooftop, which must help.

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