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Excrement-Eating Worms Star at New 'Green' Brooklyn Building

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Architect Robert Scarano is known for a few things, like his rather industrial style and, well, other things, but creating incredibly eco-friendly structures isn't one of them. Yet that's what Scarano and his firm have done with Bright N Green, a 100-percent self-sustaining apartment building in the far reaches of Brooklyn. Nestled in a through-alley at 67 Brighton 1st Lane just off of Brighton Beach Avenue, the building was constructed on a former brownfield site. Since remediated, Bright N Green is one of the first Living Building-certified structures in the city. Its methods toward achieving that end are extreme—the building is covered in 133 solar panels and keeps a vat of poo-eating worms in its basement—but present a really interesting and increasingly viable set of plans for moving ahead.

A really interesting feature of the building, occupants (or anyone really) can monitor the building's energy production and CO2 levels through its personal website.
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