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All-Black 'Nasty Girl' Apartment Goes White for New Listing

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Former ad exec Cindy Gallop's Chelsea loft is famous for being painted completely black and filled with erotic art, and for being the place where Biggie shot the music video for "Nasty Girl." But over the past year or so that the apartment has been on the market (and off the market over the summer, and then on the market again), Gallop has learned that potential buyers with $6 million to spare are not exactly clamoring to spend it on a two-bedroom Shanghai sex dungeon. For the most recent listing, she consented to have design firm MW Studio photoshop the apartment so that it appears to be painted white, and also appears to be not filled with all of her crazy sex art. We'll see if that works. The apartment remains black in real life, however, and Gallop is probably not too perturbed. "The great thing about today and power of the internet," she told us back when the apartment was first listed, "is the black apartment will always live on online, so in a way I'll never miss it because it will always be there."

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