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Comment Of The Day

"I am a resident of the area and I would like to offer another perspective. My primary concern about the proposed upzoning of the Cromwell-Jerome area is the impact on transportation. Currently, the 4 train is running the maximum number of trains during rush hour and remains over-capacity. NYC City Planning is referring to the neighborhood as 'transit rich.' While it is true that the B,D are not yet at capacity, there is a reason for this. The trains don't run frequently enough. Therefore, residents tend to ride the 4 train even with delays....

Another huge issue is the type of 'affordable housing' that will be built. A significant portion of the new construction in Community Board 5 has been supportive housing. I believe that the intent is for the Bronx to take on poorer residents from other parts of the city. We are moving in the direction of a more racially and economically segregated city. The proposed rezoning may aggravate the situation.

Something to keep in mind is the 10452 and 10453 already have residential densities higher than numerous Manhattan zip codes. What the neighborhood needs most is job creation, transportation and better quality parks. Adding more housing will only put further strain on the existing infrastructure."—manhatta [Bronx Residents Disrupt Tour of Proposed 'New Neighborhood']