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160 Imlay 70 Percent Sold; NYU Expands Downtown Empire

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RED HOOK—Some have wondered whether Red Hook, with its artsy vibe and limited transportation options, is a suitable place for high-price luxury housing. They needn't have worried. Est4te Four's 160 Imlay, which unofficially launched sales just one month ago, already has 49 of its 70 units in contract. [BuzzBuzz Home; previously]

NOHO—New York University has purchased two vacant buildings, 404 Lafayette Street and 708 Broadway, and plans to use them as a temporary fitness and recreation facility while the university's big fancy Coles Sports and Recreation Center is being finished. Previously, the buildings were supposed to be a new hotel from Joseph Chetrit and Gene Kaufman, so things actually could have been worse. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]