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One Vanderbilt Will Be Even Taller Than Originally Thought

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One Vanderbilt, the most notably massive tower to come out of the Midtown East rezoning, was set to be the second tallest building New York City upon its completion (trailing only One World Trade Center) at 1,450 feet. And it still will be (actually, it probably won't—more on that later), but now NY YIMBY is reporting that the official height has been bumped up to 1,514 feet. That may seem like a trivial distinction now, but with new megatowers like 432 Park, 111 West 57th Street, and the Nordstrom Tower (which will supplant One Vanderbilt for the number two spot) sprouting all over Midtown, every foot counts.

Developed by SL Green and designed by Kohn Pederson Fox, One Vanderbilt's completion date is planned for 2020, two years after the planned completion date for Extell's Nordstrom Tower, which is set for 2018. Since the Nordstrom is set to be 1,775 feet tall (one foot shorter than One WTC), One Vanderbilt will never actually get the chance to be the second tallest in New York City provided that all goes according to plan with the construction of both towers (which is, of course, never a given). For now, the recently topped-out 1,397-foot 432 Park better enjoy its time at the top, as that is sure to be short-lived.
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