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Jackson Pollock's Former West Village Loft Sells for $1.46M

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The adorable little (fifth floor walkup) loft in 46 Carmine Street where Jackson Pollock once briefly resided in the 1940s has found a buyer, and its celebrity past helped Million Dollar Listing star Luis Ortiz sell it for more than the asking price to "a young Russian woman with a passion for painting," according to the Daily News. Asking $1.25 million, the apartment went for $1.46 million, as a nod to 46 being Pollock's favorite number. (A Google search for "Jackson Pollock 46 lucky number" turned up a bunch of results about this apartment sale and not much else, so... guess we're just going to have to take the broker's word for it.) "Jackson Pollock would be so excited to get this [specific] number if he were around today," Ortiz said. If you know anything about Jackson Pollock, it's pretty hard to imagine that being true. He'd probably be very excited about the one and a half million dollars, though.

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