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Plant-Covered Apartment Building to Rise on Union Avenue

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EcoRise Union Avenue, a new seven-story, 18-unit apartment building coming to 305 Union Avenue in Williamsburg, is, as the name suggests, meant to be somewhat environmentally oriented. To that end, some initial renderings spotted by NY YIMBY reveal that the building's glass and metal facade will be covered in patches of greenery. Garrison Architects, who are behind the design, explain on their website that, "Layered over the façade are stainless steel mesh trellises for growing climbing plants. When the filled out with greenery these will add a living texture that will ripple in the breeze and change color with the seasons." It's doubtful that these renderings really capture what the finished product will look like, so this is one to keep an eye out for.

The 18 " loft-style units" (probably condos) will feature "private balconies and roof terraces, and building infrastructure rooted in sustainable design," according to Garrison. The developer, Michael Schlegel of EcoRise NY (also known as EcoRise Development) got the site for a mere $1.25 million last August.

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