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Long-Stalled Williamsburg Site May Get This Stack O' Boxes

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ODA Architecture is a firm known for taking all manner of cubes and rectangular prisms, piling them on top of each other, and churning out a cantilever-crazy design. To wit: in Greenwich Village. In Crown Heights. In Long Island City. On the Lower East Side. Now the corner of Driggs Avenue and North 8th Street in Williamsburg—which has been stalled for eight years—will get another one of the firm's boxy creations. First published by Arch Daily and given context by Brownstoner, one concept driving the five-story, 100-apartment building is for each unit to have its own outdoor space.

Arch Daily spoke to ODA about the design, which is meant to bring the "qualities of a private house" to fairly sizable apartment building. Each apartment will also have at least two exposures.

What's there now: a parking lot. It's a thing: developers recycle stalled sites into parking lots to at least earn some revenue until construction starts.

Construction is expected to begin in June of 2015. Though no building permits have been filed yet, there's enough time that it could still happen.
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