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Once $22M, Designer West Village Townhouse Is Now Just $14M

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This townhouse at 156 West 13th Street, renovated by renowned townhouse architect Steven Harris, was listed last November for $22 million and had its price chopped down to $19 million before it disappeared from the open market in July. Now it's back with a new asking price of $13.85 million, a substantial 27 percent discount. Seems like it might have skipped a few rungs on the pricechopping ladder there, but who knows. The only noticeable change to the house is some new paint in the bathroom, and despite some new photos (see the old ones here), the listing (i.e. the fantastically overwrought brokerbabble) remains the same and still features sentences like, "The showpiece of the main level is the grand staircase that wraps up toward the second level, its classic banister resembling a baby grand piano and reaching up elegantly like the notes of a Brahms concerto." (The bannister in question is this bannister.)

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