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23 New Apartments to Consume Williamsburg Loft Building

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The new building coming to 95 South 5th Street in Williamsburg would fit right in with the rest of the uninspired boring boxes that crowd the neighborhood, but Horrigan Development did things a little differently. The developer decided that the red brick three-story loft warehouse on the site was worth saving, so they plan to plop the new building right on top. In the rendering spotted by YIMBY, it looks like the new building is trying to eat the old building. When complete, the mash-up, designed by Standard Architects, will hold 23 apartments and a ground floor eatery.

The old loft building, which will be pretty much completely consumed by the new construction, is not in very good shape, but Horrigan likely plans to change that. Two old listings for units in the building leave a lot to be desired, like walls that aren't crumbling and windows that aren't boarded up, but the project has been filed with the department of buildings as a conversion and addition, not a new building. The building permits say 12,065 square feet currently exist on the site, and it's clear on Google Streetview that the structure is quite deep. The new addition will measure about 6,500 square feet.

The site is located very near to the Williamsburg Bridge and just a couple blocks from Domino.
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