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Extell's LES Tower Will Have the Most Ridiculous Amenities

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Surprising to pretty much no one, Extell's massive tower slated to rise on the former site of a Pathmark at 227 Cherry Street, which nowadays goes by the more swank (read: less neighborhood-specific) address of 250 South Street, will have some very Extell-y amenities. Bowery Boogie spotted the new zoning documents for the 68-story, 790-apartment building, which describe in detail its bountiful and over-the-top extras. In no particular order, the tower will include: a squash court, golf simulator, bowling alley, basketball court, Turkish bath, and an 1,874-square-foot lap pool plus accessory kiddie pool. This is in addition to the building's 29,000-square-feet of ground-floor retail space. Curiously Obviously, no word arrives of similar amenities at 250 South Street's affordable little sister.

Extell's Lower East Side creation is still a ways off from becoming reality. While new building permits for the high-rise tower have been approved, some are still pending for the 13-floor, 205-apartment affordable building.
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