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Big Reveal: $189,000 for a One-Bedroom Co-op in Riverdale

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Yesterday's Bronx PriceSpotter threw a lot of commenters, with most of the guesses coming in way too high. The actual asking price for the Junior 4 co-op is a mere $189,000, and commenter CountessLuAnne (who has been on a PriceSpotter tear recently) came the closest, with an estimate of $199,000. She wrote, "No dishwasher or mention of views, super, parking, laundry, shopping or proximity to transportation makes me think it doesn't have any of this basic 'luxuries' going for it. It does look clean, and youthful albeit tacky and cheap, so I don't think it's a long term owner."

· Listing: 3636 Greystone Avenue #6K [Elliman, via Streeteasy]